Running a business, no matter large or small requires an organization to meet certain obligations. You need to file annual reports on time and you need to pay renewal fees for your corporate charter. You also need to have regular shareholder meetings and keep the minutes of those shareholder meetings.

For many businesses, especially closely-held businesses, these regulations can seem like a waste of time. However, the consequences of failing to meet these obligations are severe.

We can help you comply with all state corporate maintenance requirements. Our team will make sure that you get everything filed on time. We will help remind you about deadlines for shareholder meetings, help prepare minutes for your shareholder meetings, and help make sure important company/board decisions and transactions are properly recorded.

We perform corporate maintenance and corporate records compliance for companies of all sizes, including one-person companies and companies with thousands of employees and hundreds of shareholders.

Don’t put your corporate status at risk over poor record-keeping practices. Let us help you stay in compliance and up to date with all of your corporate records and meetings.